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Otis Tiffany, 10th Vermont Infantry

March 23, 2009


Name: Otis Tiffany
Rank: Private
Unit: 10th Vermont Infantry, Company G
Current Plot #: 79
Original Plot #:
Born: ca. 1828
Married: Sarah Bixby(?), daughter of Solomon and Persis May Bixby
Children: Possibly… Cora Tiffany, (born ca. 1861).
Date of enlistment:July 12, 1862
Residence at enlistment Chelsea, Orange County, Vermont
Circumstances of death: Captured July 9, 1864, Battle of Monacacy
Date of death: August 30, 1864, Staunton
Original burial site: He was likely buried, initially, in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton.
Age at death: Possibly 36.

Charles T. Parry, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

January 30, 2009


Name: Charles T. Parry

Rank: Private

Unit: 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company A

Current Plot #: Section D, site 282

Original Plot # (under original numbering system): Section C, site 10







Date of enlistment: August 14, 1861, for three years (enrolled 8/5/61)

Residence at enlistment:

Circumstances of death: Killed in action, Battle of Harrisonburg, Va.

Date of death: June 6, 1862

Original burial site: Probably in Harrisonburg, Va.

Age at death:

*Headstone only indicates “C.T. Parry” and “N.J.”

From p. 53 of The History of the First New Jersey Cavalry (1871), by Henry R. Pyne, Chaplain:

Beneath the shadow of the trees, a small body of rebel cavalry was drawn up across the road. ‘Form platoons!’ shouted the colonel, catching, with moistened hand, a firmer grasp of his sabre. While the men were still hurrying their wearied horses into the fresh formation, he gave the orders, ‘Gallop! Charge!’ and the whole body, half—arrayed, plunged forward to the attack. The head of the first battalion entered the wood by a road, driving in the squadron of the enemy. The second, diverging to the left, commenced to teat down the fences, Wyndham and Karge both dismounting to assist in the operation; while the third battalion moved still further to the left to force an entrance there. Shelmire led the first squadron in until he met a heavy column of cavalry blocking up the road as far as he could see it; and at the same moment a force of infantry lying hidden in the wood pured a tremendous volley into his flank. Two men, Charles Parry and William Traughan, fell dead at that discharge, and a lad named Jonathan Jones reeled, mortally wounded from his horse.

Lewis Manning, 12th West Virginia Infantry

January 19, 2009


Name: Lewis Manning
Rank: Private
Unit: 12th West Virginia Infantry, Company A
Current Plot #: Section B, site 399
Original Plot #:
Born: ca. 1832, Marshall County, Virginia (West Virginia)
Parents: Benjamin Manning, Jr. & Jerusha Winters
Siblings: Reuben Manning (b. ca. 1830), Melvina J. Manning (b. ca. 1834)
Married: Elisabeth F. Stewart (4-3-1829 – 3-14-1902)
1. Irvin Manning (b. ca. 1853)
2. Jerusha Manning (b. ca. 1857)
Date of enlistment:August 16, 1862
Residence at enlistment
Circumstances of death: Killed in action, Battle of Piedmont
Date of death: June 5, 1864
Original burial site: Meyer’s Woods, Piedmont, Va.
Age at death: Approx. 32.
*Headstone inaccurately lists date of death as June 25, 1864.

Peter C. Whipkey, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry

January 6, 2009


Name: Peter C. Whipkey
Rank: Private
Unit: 54th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company D
Current Plot #: 362
Original Plot #:
Born: ca. 1838, probably Somerset Co., Pa.
Parents: Abraham Marion Whipkey and Susanna Catherine Friedline
Siblings: David, Mary, Anna, William and Julianna
Married: Joanna Whipkey (a second cousin), August 30, 1857, Middlecreek Township, Somerset Co., Pa.
Occupation: As per the 1860 census for Middlecreeek Township, Somerset Co., Pa., Peter was a laborer.
1) Albert Scott Whipkey, born August 10, 1858
2) Ephraim Whipkey, born May 3, 1861
Date of enlistment:
Circumstances of death: Killed in action, Battle of Piedmont
Date of death: 6/9/1864
Original burial site: Walker’s Woods, Piedmont Battlefield
Age at death: approximately 28

Gustave Konoginsky, 41st New York Infantry

December 31, 2008


Name: Konoginsky, Gustave (or Gustav)
Rank: Private
Unit: 41st New York Infantry, Company A
Current Plot #: 225
Old Plot #:
Date of enlistment:
Circumstances of death: MWIA 6/8/62, Battle of Cross Keys
Date of Death: 6/12/62
Original site of burial:
Age: 19
Pensions received (widow/mother, etc.) based on his service: None (though 80 out of his company received pensions).

Joshua Elsbree, 18th Massachusetts Infantry

September 15, 2008


Name: Joshua Elsbree
Rank: Private
Current Plot #: 169
Original Grave Number:
Unit: 18th Massachusetts Infantry, Company F
Born: ca. 1840
Parents: May have been the son of Benjamin and Hannah Butts Elsbree of Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
Occupation: Farmer
Date of enlistment: 8/12/1862
Residence: Freetown, Massachusetts
Circumstances of death: Unknown. Liste as having deserted 5/12/1863.
Date of death: 5/23/1863
Original burial site: Mt. Solon, Augusta County, Virginia
Age at death:

Headstone incorrectly identifies name and provides no unit information.

Levi M. Short, 18th Connecticut Infantry

September 15, 2008

Name: Levi M. Short
Unit: 18th Connecticut Infantry, Company K
Birthdate: Erastus and Louisa Wood Short
Occupation: farmer
Residence: South Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut
Enlisted: 8/9/62.
Wounded: MWIA, Piedmont, 6/5/64
Died: Of wounds at Staunton, 6/30/64
Burial site: Possible Unknown buried in Staunton National Cemetery

*Levi enlisted along with his brother, Daniel S. Short, on August 9, 1862. Daniel was discharged due to a disability on March 2, 1863. A younger brother, Linus E. Short, enlisted on February 29, 1864.  Linus was captured and later died at Andersonville, Ga. on 24 June 1864 (or Sept. 7, 1864). Linus was buried in the cemetery at Andersonville.  

See an external link regarding the Short family.


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