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Charles T. Parry, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

January 30, 2009


Name: Charles T. Parry

Rank: Private

Unit: 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company A

Current Plot #: Section D, site 282

Original Plot # (under original numbering system): Section C, site 10







Date of enlistment: August 14, 1861, for three years (enrolled 8/5/61)

Residence at enlistment:

Circumstances of death: Killed in action, Battle of Harrisonburg, Va.

Date of death: June 6, 1862

Original burial site: Probably in Harrisonburg, Va.

Age at death:

*Headstone only indicates “C.T. Parry” and “N.J.”

From p. 53 of The History of the First New Jersey Cavalry (1871), by Henry R. Pyne, Chaplain:

Beneath the shadow of the trees, a small body of rebel cavalry was drawn up across the road. ‘Form platoons!’ shouted the colonel, catching, with moistened hand, a firmer grasp of his sabre. While the men were still hurrying their wearied horses into the fresh formation, he gave the orders, ‘Gallop! Charge!’ and the whole body, half—arrayed, plunged forward to the attack. The head of the first battalion entered the wood by a road, driving in the squadron of the enemy. The second, diverging to the left, commenced to teat down the fences, Wyndham and Karge both dismounting to assist in the operation; while the third battalion moved still further to the left to force an entrance there. Shelmire led the first squadron in until he met a heavy column of cavalry blocking up the road as far as he could see it; and at the same moment a force of infantry lying hidden in the wood pured a tremendous volley into his flank. Two men, Charles Parry and William Traughan, fell dead at that discharge, and a lad named Jonathan Jones reeled, mortally wounded from his horse.

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